Live Jazz at the loft 7th anniversary

Live Jazz Every Friday at the Loft


On Friday, November 9th, the Loft, Uptown Columbus Georgia will be celebrating seven (7) years of offering  "Live Jazz Every Friday". Music for this event will be provided by the Columbus State University Jazz Orchestra. This event is sponsored in part by the Columbus Jazz Society.

The Loft offers live jazz every Friday  from 7 to 9 pm (E) with a different band each week and free of charge - rain, sleet, hail, snow, hurricane or tornado. This event and venue is known among jazz artist all over the states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida and beyond.

This is a milestone indeed. Don Tipton and Buddy Nelms are to be commemorated for their efforts for keeping live jazz going consistently and continuously for these seven years. It is because of their efforts; 1) jazz musicians are afforded and opportunity to play, 2) jazz musicians and jazz bands have an opportunity to develop their craft and skills and 3) jazz listeners have somewhere to go and listen to jazz on a regular basis. 

I personally want to thank both of them and If any of our subscribers should happen to see Don or Buddy, take time to thank them. Keeping something like this going can be an arduous task at times.

See you Friday for food, fun and good music.